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Expert Clinical Support

Looking for clinical support for diabetes management?


Even with the best technology and information at your fingertips, everyone can benefit from a diabetes “tune-up”.  Integrated Diabetes Services is a private practice that provides 1-on-1 consulting services to people of all ages on intensive insulin therapy, including users of the latest DIY and commercially-available hybrid closed-loop systems.

Led by award-winning clinician and author of “Think Like A Pancreas” Gary Scheiner MS, CDCES, the staff at Integrated Diabetes Services features some of the world’s top Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, all of whom live with T1D personally.

All services are offered via phone, video, e-mail, text and data downloads.  Evening hours are available for appointments, and clients are invited to communicate between scheduled appointments.  The multi-disciplinary clinical team includes nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists and social workers – all credentialed Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.  The team at Integrated Diabetes Services can help you reach your personal goals, such as:


  • Optimizing the settings in your hybrid closed loop system
  • Learning to apply advanced system features
  • Preventing hypoglycemia
  • Managing post-meal blood sugar spikes
  • Achieving a healthy weight
  • Exercising without annoying highs and lows
  • Training for athletic events
  • Having a successful pregnancy (or two or ten)
  • Making better use of pump, CGM and hybrid closed loop technology
  • Learning to analyze your own data
  • Preventing long-term complications


Nightscout Pro highly recommends Integrated Diabetes Services to anyone looking to improve their diabetes management.  Services are customised to each individual and are available WORLDWIDE.  For more information, visit the IDS Website, email [email protected], or call (in N America) 877-735-3648; or (outside N America) +1 610-642-6055.


Think Like a Pancreas
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