Data Transfer

Some Facebook support groups asked a common question about how to keep and transfer existing Nightscout data to a new instance.

I have created the data transfer tool to address and resolve this issue. It is freely available for anyone with a Nightscout site hosted with or any other host.

When using the tool, you must enter your old Nightscout site URL. If your old site had AUTH_DEFAULT_ROLES set to ‘denied’ (meaning you had to enter your API SECRET to view the data), then you’d need to enter your old API SECRET too. Enter your new URL and new API SECRET, and you can quickly transfer profile, entries and treatment data between Nightscout instances.

The way the tools works is you submit your request and it is then entered into the queue and will be worked on a few days at a time. So the time it takes to complete will depend on:

  1. How much data you have requested to be transferred
  2. How may other jobs are currently in the queue.

Typically, the transfer should start within just a few minutes and should be completed within an hour or so, but this can vary.