Use Nightscout with xDrip+


xDrip+ (Android) requires the Base URL to be entered in a particular way. You should include the API Secret as part of the URL you enter into the xDrip+ app.

Here is a tool you can use to give you the correct format that you can copy and paste into xDrip+.


This tool is still under development and, as such, has some limitations that will be improved upon over time.

  1. The tool will only output secure (https) URL’s. The output may not work if you are using a self-hosted Nightscout without a valid SSL certificate or if you have INSECURE_USE_HTTP set to true in your configuration.
  2. The tool assumes you are using a subdomain format, it looks for three parts to the URL you enter. The Subdomain, Domain and TLD. If your site has more or less than these 3 parts, then the tool may fail.

How to configure xDrip+ to upload data to Nightscout

We assume you already have your BG data in xDrip+ at this stage. This is a short guide for uploading your data from xDrip+ to Nightscout, regardless of the Hardware Data Source. For information on how to set up the Hardware data source in xDrip+, please refer to the official documentation.


1. Open the hamburger menu

xdrip+ settings menu

2. Tap ‘Settings’

xdrip+ settings option

3. Tap ‘Cloud Upload’

xdrip+ nightscout upload cloud

4. Tap ‘Nightscout Sync (REST-API)’

xdrip+ upload nightscout base url

5. Enter the ‘Base URL’

Enter the Base URL, which can be generated using the tool at the top of this page, and then your data will be uploading to Nightscout.


If you have followed the steps, and you see data in xDrip+, but not in Nightscout, then from the xDrip home screen click the other menu (3 dots) and ‘View Events Log’. You should see some indication about what the problem is.

You can contact [email protected] for more help.

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